• Flammable, nontoxic
  • Recyclable, environmental friendly
  • Can be used for microwave, heat resistance up to 120℃
  • Good resistance to oil, and anti-acidity
  • Approved by Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.A.
  • Red plastic bowls commonly used in the banquet, food containers for microwave.
  • Cups for all kinds of cold drinks and iced black tea (such as pearl milk tea)

(Polyethylene terephthalate)
(Amophorus Polyester)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High clarity and transparency
  • Airtight, non-volatile (it would not spoil the taste and smell)
  • Most suitable than any other type of plastic containers for cold drinks
  • 100% recyclable, and is environmental friendly
  • Container cups for high quality cold drinks, icy drinks (such as beer, milk shake and ice coffee.smoothy)
  • It is commonly known as PET-bottles, it shall be a worldwide tendency for PET to be the mainstream of food containers.

Paper containers
  • Flammable, nontoxic
  • Reduced forest resources
  • poor heat resistance, soften and deform easily(soften easily if get contact with water for long time)
  • light, week firmness
  • Lunch boxes that are commonly seen in the market
  • Drinking cups for family use.

  • Not flammable, and toxic gas will be generated
  • Toxic gas will be discharged when heated
  • Good firmness
  • Fragile, breakable
  • Not suitable for food that is more than 100℃.
  • Unexpansible PS: cans for diary products, lids for drinking cups used in fast food chain stores.
  • Expansible PS: Styrofoam disposable dining utensils, bowl for instant noodles, coffee cups.