We were the beginning of seals packaged in the promotion of development 1991, and we established KUOCHAOHEN INDUSTRAL CO.,LTD. in1995 for expanding the market. Our years of service credit has laid a current market share. We also established domestic brand「FENG GENG LE Sealing Machine」in 1999, global brand founded YODO in 2007, and actively expand the distribution center and repair stations in various districts in order to build the most comprehensive sales service system.
  We established packaging sales department in 2008,Professional specializing in beverage packaging services, including PET cup, PP Cup, Film, Straw etc. Ranging, providing customers the fastest most complete service.
  To promote the sealed packaging, to enhance franchise and take away the image quality of outgoing packages, to health, safety and portability purposes. Chain, developed from the current system such as:Easy Way85 degrees CelsiusIce TeaTea TopElephant tea & coffee shopsBaked TeaMr. wishLee DumplingMin-Ge beef noodle etc and has close relationship with us. To provide comprehensive after-sales service protection, and establishes the linkage system with confidence。
  As the sealing machine profit is limited, resulting in most of the companies seeking sales only. But failed to pay attention to service quality, leading to consumer complained after purchasing, and even can not find the service and maintenance unit. We grasps the concept of priority services and continuously improve innovative research, access to many customers trust. We bulit all around service unit in Taiwan。
We has insured the insurance company 20 million Union product liability insurance.we were Taiwan's first term through the ISO9002 quality assurance certificate, professional manufacturer
Taiwan's new patent: No. 103,634
China new patent:No.Z195213897.2
U.S. Patent:No.5.930.977
German Patent:No.299.10.907.8
Japanese Patent:No.3064724
European Union CE:
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